Shoe Moulding

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Gold Star Shoe Cast

Gold Star Shoe Cast is specifically designed for the manufacture of aluminium shoe mould plates for the production of shoe soles. This method of manufacture is used to produce soles for many of the leading names in the training shoe industry.

A typical master shoe model is constructed from wood, metal, or plastic. Silicone is then poured over the master model and left to cure. Once set, the Silicone mould is stripped from the master, Gold Star Shoe Cast slurry is poured into it and allowed to set.

The Gold Star Shoe Cast plaster model is removed from the silicone mould and dried out in the furnace. The plaster model is then set into a frame and molten aluminium is poured over it, the metal is left to cool and the plaster is removed from the aluminium casting. To find out more click the GRS logo

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