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Manufactured by the Goodwin Group, our range of Sunshine ™ Silicone Rubber is all you will ever need for your rubber moulds. With three different colours (Light Blue, Pink and Yellow) they cover every application.

Thanks to Goodwin’s careful selection of raw materials, Goldstar Powders can offer the Sunshine™ rubber yet give massively increased performances.

- Soft to Medium Hardnesss

- Excellent Tear Strength

- Long Life with Good Memory

- Excellent Wax Surface Finish

- Impregnated Release Agent to Reduce use of Talcum Powder

- Strips packed in 5kg boxes

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Properties Values
Vulcanisation Temperature 165-175°C 330-347°F
Vulcanisation Time 15 mins / 10 mm of mould thickness
Shore Hardness 38-40
Tear Strength 18.3N/mm2
Tensile Strength 5.4N/mm2
Elongation 1030%
Shrinkage <2.0%